N°41 Blue Onion Cappuccino Cup

Order No.: 800101-36584-1
8 cm, 425 g
The "N°41 Onion Pattern Cappuccino Cup" is a modern interpretation of the world-famous onion pattern decor, whose tradition dates back to 1731. After an intensive series of experiments, the cobalt blue color was created, which still adorns the famous dinner service of the form "N°41".In fact, the cappuccino cup does not show onions, but peach and melon on the saucer and bamboo stick and the delicate flowers of the chrysanthemum on the upper cup, carefully hand-painted. Not all tableware is the same, treat yourself with this treasure, you will literally feel the timeless elegance of Meissen traditional craftsmanship. Hand-painted and artfully crafted, the dinner service takes you into the Meissen decor worlds.
Decor: blue onion
Designer / Artist: meissen atelier
Year of Creation: 2021
Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 17 cm
Volume: 0.25 l
Weight: 425 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes
Suitable for Microwaves: yes