N°41 Swords Service Plate

Order No.: 79A221-41478-1
2 cm, 1100 g
Under the sign of the Meissen Swords, the "N°41 Swords Service Plate" enchants with its restrained elegance in brilliant white. With the "N°41 Swords" collection, the signet of Europe's oldest porcelain manufactory has been stylishly presented for the first time as an independent decor in gold. As part of the collection, the "N°41 Swords Service Plate" is also a creative homage to the MEISSEN signet.

The Crossed Swords have been the hallmark of Meissen porcelain since 1722. Although the swords have undergone slight changes over the years, they have always remained recognisable. Give the gift of a unique combination of modern design and traditional craftsmanship with over 310 years of history with MEISSEN. MEISSEN - a very special gift.
Decor: swords luxury gold
Designer / Artist: meissen atelier
Year of Creation: 2016
Height: 2 cm
Diameter: 33 cm
Weight: 1100 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes