Mesh Gold Table Lamp

Order No.: 79A168-50M68-1
49x28 cm, 2900 g
This table lamp is part of "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan" - a series that pays homage to the splendour of Grand Hotel design with clear silhouettes and decorative flourishes. The multifaceted collection is home to over ten different pattern designs. In its "Mesh Gold" variant, the porcelain is plated with a fine gold lattice made from real burnished gold. After leaving the kiln, the decor receives its characteristic shine through a final polishing with a sharpened agate stylus, lending this table lamp its incomparable opulence and air of sophistication.
Decor: mesh gold
Height: 49 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 19 cm
Weight: 2900 g