MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Mesh Gold Dinner Plate, large

Order No.: 79A165-37479-1
3 cm, 950 g
The "Mesh Gold" pattern gives Meissen porcelain an opulent golden base that can be perfectly integrated into Christmas table arrangements. The "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Mesh Gold Dinner Plate, large" is ideal for exclusively serving a wide variety of dishes on the Christmas table at home.

Real polished gold is used for the golden base, which is polished with an agate pin after firing so that the "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Mesh Gold Dinner Plate, large" shines in characteristic gold. In the more than 310-year history of the Meissen porcelain manufactory, more than 6,000 decors have been created that can be combined with the clear and architectural design language of "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan".
Decor: mesh gold
Designer / Artist: markus hilzinger
Year of Creation: 2012
Height: 3 cm
Diameter: 30 cm
Weight: 950 g