Limited Masterworks 2015 Waves Vase Sprigged with Water Lilly

Order No.: 719384-50317-1
30x14 cm, 1195 g
Small, plastic flowers make this wave play vase unique. The forms, which belong to the service "Waves" with curved edges and fine relief, were created by Sabine Wachs in 1996. Thanks to their balanced proportions, they are already considered modern classics. Whether florets, orchids or lotus flowers - the pastel colours give the decorative elements a spring-like appearance. And the painting that continues the flowers in the decor lends the small arrangements such a spatial naturalness that one thinks one can perceive their fine scent. Limited to 75 pieces.
Limitation: 75
Height: 30 cm
Width: 14 cm
Depth: 14 cm
Weight: 1195 g