Limited Masterworks Vase Sea Snail

Order No.: 691584-50208-1
32x24 cm, 2350 g
The vase "Sea Snail" is based on the discerning vase shape of the model Willi Münch-Khe, with its graceful contours and striking snail-like shape, inspired this artwork for the Limited Masterworks 2019 collection. The artwork is based on a catalogue of coloured illustrations by Dutch pharmacist Albertus Seba and later refined by comparing own drawings. First, the shell contours are applied in sepia ink with pens and brushes. After that, each shell is individually designed with a multi-faceted shading. A lustre glaze that uses one of the manufactory's oldest formulas is painted on to create iridescent layers of metallic oxides in the final firing, lending the piece of mother-of-pearl luminescence. The vase "Sea Snail" makes you want to visit the ocean and is therefore the perfect Christmas gift for all lovers of maritime inhabitants.
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 25
Height: 32 cm
Width: 24 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Weight: 2350 g