Limited Masterworks 2016 Lidded Vase Motifs from the Arabian Nights

Order No.: 680784-51146-1
45 cm, 1560 g
The shape of the "Lid Vase Motifs from One Thousand and One Nights", limited, dates from the early days of the manufactory. The enchantingly playful decor of the impressive arts and crafts 's, lovingly hand-painted, dates from the 1960s by Professor Heinz Werner. From the large pool of motifs porcelain painter Elke Dannenberg chose scenes from the palace, which decorate the body of the vase. Through her impressive craftsmanship, the neck of the vase is transformed into a tower with windows where other actors fire our imagination. High-quality gold finishing, hand-painted, emphasizes the shape of the vessel and the effect of the small Arab palace stories full of joie de vivre. Limited to 50 pieces.
Limitation: 50
Height: 45 cm
Diameter: 17.5 cm
Weight: 1560 g