Arabian Nights Egg Cup

Order No.: 680710-23179-1
8x4 cm, 70 g
At the end of the 1960s, Ludwig Zepner created his "Great Cutout" table service - one of the most iconic MEISSEN service designs of the 20th century, and one that has been decorated with countless motifs in the years since its début. The "Arabian Nights" design by Professor Heinz Werner is one of the most spectacular of these motifs. With this artwork, the internationally renowned painter developed a scenic miniature painting that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern style to create a harmonious whole. The expressive scene is painted onto the curved egg cup using muted on-glaze paints that are wonderfully juxtaposed with the opulent 24-carat gold edges on the opening and base of the cup.
Decor: motley
Height: 8 cm
Width: 4 cm
Depth: 4 cm
Weight: 70 g