Olaf Hajek Lion Garden

Order No.: 65C055-50330-1
34x13 cm, 1300 g
While a mystical creature observes the picturesque idyll from the ground, a majestic swallow flies over the paradisiacal scenery of the vase "Lion Garden". Colourful floral elements underline the character of the picturesque landscape, in which nature and humanity become one. Olaf Hajek draws inspiration from everywhere. His creations combine art, traditions and folklore from all over the world. Meissen Master modeller Emil Paul Börner (1888-1970) created the vase shape of the vase "Lion Garden" in 1927. It is the perfect projection surface for Olaf Hajek's imaginative fairy tale scene, where lions and other predators live in peaceful coexistence with a stroller. Their rich details and their brilliant colours characterize his works. The vase "Lion Garden" is therefore an extraordinary gift made of Meissen porcelain.
Designer / Artist: olaf hajek
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 10
Height: 34 cm
Width: 13 cm
Depth: 13 cm
Weight: 1300 g