Chris Antemann Card Party

Order No.: 65C028-73701-1
32x32 cm, 9100 g
Jokers wild … in the 18th century, card games spanned an innocent afternoon entertainment of frivolity well into the late hours of rack and ruin. The suits and ranks in the cards often mirroring the players in social status. With this idea as a beginning, Antemann created a little Card Party for your enjoyment. In a playful scene, a lady sitting on the table, coyly fanning her cards, sporting Jean Antoine Watteau’s version of a Jester or Joker on her chest. She is playing to win, more than the gold, no longer fearing competition, as her rival has folded. We leave the rest to your imagination, although the clues are in the cards…
Designer / Artist: chris antemann
Year of Creation: 2016
Limitation: 8
Height: 32 cm
Width: 32 cm
Depth: 24 cm
Weight: 9100 g