Chris Antemann Masquerade

Order No.: 65C028-73700-1
26x31 cm, 7200 g
Following in the MEISSEN® tradition of working from prints and paintings for inspiration, Antemann based this vignette on a trompe l’oeil wall painting of a masquerade by Antoine Pesne and Friedrich Wilhelm Hoeder. This particular scene was painted in an antechamber to the private apartments of Frederick the Great at Charlottenburg in 1746, but was destroyed in 1943. In Antemann’s Masquerade the couple repose on the edge of a ballroom, on a chaise of the period. The lady removes her mask in a moment of surprise as the gentleman moves in to embrace her. On her bodice, the couple promenade on the dance floor, a more innocent activity than the one at hand. Crinoline meets Commedia dell’arte again on this little settee. Hints of popular Chinoiserie patterns mixing with classic MEISSEN® florals offer a layered visual hint to the emotional tension in the scene.
Designer / Artist: chris antemann
Year of Creation: 2016
Limitation: 8
Height: 26 cm
Width: 31 cm
Depth: 19 cm
Weight: 7200 g