Limited Edition Wall Plate, Grasses & Dragonflies

Order No.: 61A574-41M03-1
880 g
The "Wall Plate, Grasses & Dragonflies" is part of a modern triptych that revives traditional Limoges painting in a contemporary, light way. MEISSEN is the only manufactory in the world that still masters this art today. As part of the "Limited Edition" collection, the "Wall Plate, Grasses & Dragonflies" is limited to 25 pieces. With a steady hand, porcelain painter Annett Waldeck created her nature motifs in various layers of white porcelain paint on the black-glazed background. The filigree, almost transparent dragonfly shows the subtleties of this very elaborate type of painting particularly well. The leaves, on the other hand, are laid out as rather loose surfaces, creating an interplay of loose painting gestures and the finest of lines.
Designer / Artist: lena hensel
Year of Creation: 2022
Limitation: 25
Weight: 880 g