Flying Jewels Wall Plate Summer Tanager

Order No.: 61A126-54M49-1
3 cm, 750 g
A detailed songbird on silhouette-like leaf twigs enlivens the Flying Jewels Wall Plate "Summer Tanager". Bird painting is a genre in its own right and has a tradition rich in history in Meissen. The lifelike depiction of animals is a craft that only the best porcelain painters can master. The true-to-life Summer Tanager presents its colourful plumage, which was created from the most delicate brushstrokes, surrounded by the graphically abstracted leaf twigs in deep black in a particularly impressive way. The Flying Jewels collection combines the historical tradition of bird painting on porcelain with the modern decorative language of the reduced tree flora. On the radiant white of the Meissen porcelain, the painting is particularly effective. Packed in an elegant gift box, the Flying Jewels Wall Plate "Summer Tanager" is ideal as a gift.
Decor: motley
Designer / Artist: meissen atelier
Year of Creation: 2018
Height: 3 cm
Diameter: 27 cm
Weight: 750 g