Limited Masterworks 2021 Vase with Lid, Secret Garden

Order No.: 619784-51A50-1
102 cm, 27800 g
With the strictly limited vase "Secret Garden" designer Lena Hensel grants us a glimpse into a fantasy world full of symbolic power, in which she unites enchanted gardens and the mythical animals of early painting after Adam Friedrich von Löwenfinck ( 1714-1754 ) in a new decor hand-painted and brings them creatively into the present. The indigo blue coloration of painting and drawing creates a harmonious unity in which animals and tendrils are given equal importance. The outstanding size of this vase challenged not only the porcelain painters, but also all the employees in the white production, to their extraordinary craftsmanship. At 90 cm, the limited edition hand-painted vase is the maximum that the manufactures can implement in the decorative kiln.
Year of Creation: 2021
Limitation: 15
Height: 102 cm
Diameter: 40 cm
Weight: 27800 g