Waves Relief Wild Poppy Platter Oval, small

Order No.: 615201-29307-1
2x35 cm, 975 g
The small, oval plate of the form "Waves Relief" was adorned with the decoration "Wild Poppy". Meissen artist Holger Schill developed the poppy in flaming red colours, which is reminiscent of summer fields. As a contemporary decor, the free, flowing forms of floral watercolour painting inspired the decor "Wild Poppy". Sabine Wachs developed the shape of the small, oval platter, which counteracts strict symmetry with vivacious dynamism. The relief, reminiscent of the rippled sea, was designed by Jörg Danielczyk, who was inspired by a fishing trip. Applying the paints on a surface with such stark reliefs presents a particular challenge, testament to the masterful skill of the Meissen manufactory. The small, oval platter "Waves Relief Wild Poppy" is a wonderful Christmas gift for all those who can't wait for summer.
Decor: wild poppy
Designer / Artist: sabine wachs
Year of Creation: 1994-1996
Height: 2 cm
Width: 35 cm
Depth: 25 cm
Weight: 975 g