Waves Relief Woodland Flora with Insects Serving Dish, large

Order No.: 614501-29284-1
3x18 cm, 200 g
The large Serving Dish in the form "Waves Relief" is decorated with the decor "Woodland Flora with Insects". The form "Waves" was developed by Sabine Wachs, it reinterprets the pointed curves of classic service designs in a contemporary way. Former Meissen sculptor Jörg Danielczyk developed the relief, which underlines the plasticity and high quality of the Meissen porcelain. The waves of the relief are reminding of curly water. Just as vivid as the relief is the decoration of the large Serving Dish, because with "Woodland Flora with Insects" MEISSEN takes up motifs from local forest and meadow. Inspired by watercolour paintings, it transfers their dynamics and colouring to the finest Meissen porcelain. The large Serving Dish "Waves Relief Woodland Flora with Insects" is a Christmas gift full of liveliness.
Decor: woodland flora
Designer / Artist: sabine wachs
Year of Creation: 1994-1996
Height: 3 cm
Width: 18 cm
Depth: 13 cm
Weight: 200 g