Limited Masterworks 2018 Vase Three Asian Ladies

Order No.: 603284-51118-1
39 cm, 1580 g
Complement your interior design with this gem, exclusive and limited: This vase was first made in 1721, following an East Asian model. Annet Görner developed the decoration for this work of art based on drawings she discovered in the manufactory archives. Three young women are depicted, hand-painted and immortalized on the vase: one plays the lute, another sings and a third holds a quiver. Golden arabesques surround the graceful women, the perfect building block for interior design. The space between is richly hand-painted, with golden birds and flowering cherry branches adorning the artwork. Limited to 25 pieces.
Limitation: 25
Height: 39 cm
Diameter: 14.5 cm
Weight: 1580 g