Limited Masterworks 2019 Vase Metamorphosis

Order No.: 59A284-50264-1
46 cm, 4200 g
The "Metamorphosis" vase tells the story behind the Chinese proverb Li Yue Long Men. Every year, the carp struggle to swim upstream against the current in order to leap over the Dragon Gate, a high waterfall, at the top of the river. According to legend, every carp that makes it through the Dragon Gate is transformed into a powerful dragon: a metaphor for hard work and professional success. This rich decorative painting, reminiscent of Chinese illustrations, captures this moment of metamorphosis. After sketching out the figures in pen and ink, the paint is applied, reaching its full vibrancy as a result of multiple decorative firings. The bulbous shape of the vase with a small, curved opening depicts a fish jumping out of the water. A sharp edge - symbolic of the Dragon Gate - runs straight through the vase, splitting it in two and reinforcing the idea of metamorphosis.
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 25
Height: 46 cm
Diameter: 20.5 cm
Weight: 4200 g