Limited Masterworks Vase Dragon

Order No.: 59A084-50428-1
45 cm, 3900 g
The Ming Dragon symbolizes happiness and a new beginning, strength, fertility and imperial power. According to Chinese mythology, they belong to one of the four species of miracle animals that helped the primordial creature Pangu in the creation of the world. They have magical powers and an extremely long service life - also in the version of MEISSEN. For more than three centuries, mythical creatures have lost none of their fascination as porcelain decor. Traditional service and unique pieces show many variations of the motif: Thus, the "Rich Court Dragon" in red was initially reserved exclusively for the court. The "Flaming Ming dragon" with the pearl ornament later became extremely popular.
Year of Creation: 2014
Limitation: 25
Height: 45 cm
Diameter: 21.5 cm
Volume: 5 l
Weight: 3900 g