Limited Masterworks 2017 Déjeuner Neubrandenstein Fanciful Flowers and Butterflies

Order No.: 589984-C0201-1
2300 g
The "Tea Déjeuner Neubrandenstein Fanciful Flowers and Butterflies" by Johann Friedrich Eberlein from about 1741 consists of two cups with saucer, two plates, a sugar bowl, a milk can as well as a coffee pot and the accompanying serving tray. The small butterflies and flowers are drawn with the feather. The line width varies to make the painting lively and full of character. Compactly laid out with copper colours, the leaf shapes form a successful contrast to this. A yellow base makes the background shine in the sun. Filigree flowers and butterflies drawn in 23 carat gold form the bridge to the relief, the perfection of which is accentuated by golden dots. A small highlight is the gold sword marking integrated into the decor. Limited to 25 pieces.
Limitation: 25
Weight: 2300 g