Limited Masterworks 2015 Liqueur Set Japanese Rock, Branch and Bird Motifs

Order No.: 587184-C5522-1
1540 g
The "Liqueur Set Japanese Rock, Branch and Bird Motives" consists of a tankard and two cups with matching serving tray. The porcelain painter Wilhelm Wache (1860-1926) created this decor, which perfectly matches the shape of Asian sake vessels. The form dates from the 18th century. Colourful birds cavort on vials and cups between purple peonies. The tray is decorated with songbirds sitting on branches full of yellow chrysanthemums. Gold and platinum underline the artistic painting in a precious way. A rich sun edge in the style of wax joins all parts to the service. Peonies in East and West stand for health, prosperity and success. Yellow chrysanthemums symbolise the sun and a long life. Their colour is that of the Emperor. In this way, even the precious small service itself contributes to bringing us pleasure. Limited to 50 pieces.
Limitation: 50
Weight: 1540 g