Limited Masterworks 2020 Openwork plate with "Two Peafowls on Magnolia"

Order No.: 57A284-54M66-1
3 cm, 450 g
Serving as inspiration for the elegant openwork plate with "Two Peafowls on Magnolia" is a period drawing of a peacock. Whereas the creatures' heads and upper bodies are clearly, accurately and intricately drawn with a special steel pen, their tail feathers are applied by brush, thus forming a gentle sense of contrast while delicate pink sprays of magnolia spill over the sides of the dish. The paintable ground is provided by the dish's gleamingly white surface, out of which perforations are cut with a calm hand and a sharp blade prior to firing the ceramic body.
Year of Creation: 2020
Limitation: 25
Height: 3 cm
Diameter: 25.5 cm
Weight: 450 g