Limited Edition 2021 Vase, Flower tendril

Order No.: 57A074-51080-1
14x9 cm, 230 g
The new edition of the 14.5 cm high MEISSEN® "Flower Vine" vase as part of the Limited Edition 2021, an original form from the early 18th century, clearly reflects the preoccupation of MEISSEN® artisans with East Asian models: typical of hand-painted Indian painting, playful stylized flower fantasies, precisely drawn with a pen, cover the work of art made of MEISSEN® porcelain. The fund in friendly rosé is stupefied by hand, its bow-like arrangement emphasizing the curves of the form. In contrast to traditional Indian painting, porcelain painter Anett Gerner chose a reduced, lovely color palette of rosé tones with blue and gold accents for this work of art, giving the limited edition "Flower Vine" vase a modern character. Early MEISSEN® decorative art combined with contemporary interior design, as would surely have pleased the collector's heart of Augustus the Strong.
Year of Creation: 2021
Limitation: 50
Height: 14 cm
Width: 9 cm
Depth: 9 cm
Weight: 230 g