Limited Edition Goblet, Meadow Flowers

Order No.: 575374-51140-1
17x10 cm, 380 g
The present goblet, a hand-crafted gem from around 1720, clearly bears the imprint of artistic silverware produced in the early 18th century. It sports a pattern of lush flower painting in the "indianisch" style, a genre that emerged at about the same time and drew on floral motifs on Chinese porcelains. Flowers and insects painted in various copper colours appear to issue forth from stiff acanthus leaves relief-moulded and gilded. Concealed between flowers of the meadow, rudbeckia and one or two imaginary blooms, we can spot butterflies, bugs and tiny snails.
Year of Creation: 2022
Limitation: 25
Height: 17 cm
Width: 10 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Weight: 380 g