Limited Masterworks 2016 Swan Service Dish Count Brühl's Alliance Coat of Arms

Order No.: 398184-05297-1
9x39 cm, 1650 g
The wonderful work of art "Schale Schwanenservice mit Allianzwappen des Grafen Brühl", hand-painted and limited, is part of the "Swan Service" consisting of over 2200 pieces, which Johann Joachim Kaendler, Johann Friedrich Eberlein and Johann Gottlieb Ehder created at MEISSEN® between 1737 and 1742. Impressively, the large oval bowl combines all aspects of MEISSEN® porcelain art. At the center of the hand-painted, limited-edition work of art, in the noble white of the porcelain and designed as a relief, is the swan couple that gives it its name. It is surrounded by rhythmic waves, shells, reeds and a heron. Artfully twisted branches with foliage are arranged on the sides as handles of the bowl. Finest Indian floral painting, lovingly hand-painted, and the alliance coat of arms of the Count of Brühl decorate the rim of the artwork 's bordered with lush gold edging. Limited to 50 pieces.
Limitation: 50
Height: 9 cm
Width: 39 cm
Depth: 26 cm
Weight: 1650 g