Limited Masterworks 2010 Platter Swan Service

Order No.: 398182-05299-1
7x46 cm, 2500 g
The "Plate Swan Service", limited and hand-painted, corresponds in its detailed design to the ideal of Baroque ornamentation. This expansive bowl served as a saucer for the largest tureen of the Swan Service. Originally consisting of over 2000 masterpieces, the dinner service was originally commissioned by Heinrich Graf von Brühl. The bossier artfully applies the twisted branches and foliage, the painter staffs in the Indian manner, hand-painted, and the alliance coat of arms of the Count of Brühl shines, framed by a lavish gold edge. This stunning bowl is a work of art in your dinner service. Limited to 100 pieces.
Limitation: 100
Height: 7 cm
Width: 46 cm
Depth: 37 cm
Weight: 2500 g