Swan Service Indian Flower Branch Egg Cup

Order No.: 397152-05179-1
7x6 cm, 100 g
Decorated with Indian flower branches and scattered flowers, the "Swan Service Indian Flower Branches" egg cup shows a colourful fish - an outstanding eye-catcher on your breakfast table or brunch table. The shape and colour of the exclusive Meissen porcelain testify to extraordinary craftsmanship, which is also ideal as a gift. The "Swan Service Indian Flower Twigs" egg cup made of Meissen porcelain is one of 2200 pieces of the most elaborate baroque service. The "Swan Service" was created from 1737 to 1742 by master modeller Johann Joachim Kaendler and is still impressive today with its refined wealth of details and elaborate design.
Decor: indian flower branches
Designer / Artist: johann joachim kaendler
Year of Creation: 1737-1741
Height: 7 cm
Width: 6 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Weight: 100 g