Limited Masterworks 2015 Dejeuner Oriental Flower and Bird Painting

Order No.: 396484-C1006-1
3200 g
The Dejeuner "Asian flower and bird painting" by Johann Joachim Kaendler around 1745 consists of two cups with saucer, a dinner plate, a sugar bowl, a milk can as well as a coffee pot and the accompanying serving tray. The chino iSeries show the breeding, feeding and care of birds. According to Asian symbolism, cranes stand for a long life, chrysanthemums for vitality and peonies for femininity. Together, the freely fluttering birds and magnificent flowers convey the pure joie de vivre, accentuated by the radiant lilac base, the vibrant orange and the deep blue-violet of the painting. A hand-stuffed, lilac-coloured base gives the delicate motifs in the style of Johann Ehrenfried Stadler special expressiveness.
Limitation: 25
Weight: 3200 g