Vitruv Ming Dragon Starter & Dessert Plate

Order No.: 33A311-43473-1
1 cm, 405 g
With "VITRUV", MEISSEN has created a distinctive tableware series for sophisticated modern dining: purist and sleek, that brings architectural design to the medium of porcelain and communicates exceptional craftsmanship through precise details. "Graphic", a specially designed relief, transposes the architectural style to geometric patterns that are reminiscent of mirrored prisms, lending the porcelain pieces a schematic structure and a fascinating textural effect. Applied in detailed, hand-painted strokes, the "Ming Dragon" décor dramatically unfolds its painterly elegance in juxtaposition with the clear, linear plate lip relief. The modular service´s purist design allows for a wide variety of possible arrangements and settings, making "VITRUV" ideal for any space or occasion.
Decor: ming dragon
Designer / Artist: meissen atelier
Year of Creation: 2018
Height: 1 cm
Diameter: 22 cm
Weight: 405 g