Limited Masterworks 2017 Luther Writing Set

Order No.: 29A784-C5322-1
1345 g
The "Luther Writing Set" was made for the 500th anniversary of the attack on Martin Luther's theses in Wittenberg, now part of Saxony-Anhalt. This initiated the reformation of the Christian church, which led to the foundation of the Protestant faith community. Painted with the finest brush strokes, the writing bowl shows a city view of Wittenberg around 1537 and the Lutherrose. The seal with which the theologian once signed his writings is now the symbol of the Protestant church. The Rose creates the connection between Martin Luther and his wife Katharina von Bora, who assisted in authoring his writings. Her portraits look from the two inkpots onto the city. The note holder shows the church gate on the front and the Luther monument of Wittenberg on the back. The pen bears Luther's signature. A candle holder completes this historic ensemble with a valuable platinum rim, because in Luther's time his thoughts were put on paper by candlelight. Limited to 25 pieces.
Limitation: 25
Weight: 1345 g