Limited Masterworks 2011 Semper Vase

Order No.: 29A183-50M21-1
48x36 cm, 11000 g
In 1836, the architect Gottfried Semper designed this magnificent vase, hand-painted and limited. At the same time, the grandiose decoration is so large that its production was extremely delicate. The original was unfortunately lost during the war. Fortunately, the 300-year-old mold treasure of the Semper manufactory has preserved mold parts and plaster models, so that an elaborate reconstruction was possible. As one of the "Limited Works of Art 2011", this vase shows the famous "Canaletto View" of the Dresden city skyline. The impressive decoration is hand-painted with all the cherished details of the historic skyline. Large and fantastic, accomplished design and the finest porcelain painting come into artful harmony in this vase. Limited to 25 pieces.
Limitation: 25
Height: 48 cm
Width: 36 cm
Depth: 36 cm
Weight: 11000 g