Limited Masterworks 2019 Snowball Blossom Vase with Canaletto View of Dresden

Order No.: 28A884-82M09-1
30x18 cm, 1650 g
Created in 1739 by Johann Joachim Kaendler, the "Snowball Blossoms" rank among Meissen's most important decorative motifs, having been applied to countless vesselssince then. As part of the "Limited Masterworks 2019", MEISSEN presents a reissue of the 1781 "Snake Handle Vase" by Carl Schönheit decorated with those venerated blossoms. Rising from the petalled bed are the two snake handles in their original form, lending the vase its striking paradisiacal symbolism. Framed within the medallion is a classic motif based on an historic copperplate print from the manufactory archive. It offers the viewer the famed Canaletto view of a Baroque-era Dresden, the same period the "Snowball Blossoms" were created. The combination of lavish sculptural decor and such sophisticated artwork testifies to the masterful craft upheld at MEISSEN.
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 15
Height: 30 cm
Width: 18 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Weight: 1650 g