Limited Masterworks 2016 Vase Chinoiseries

Order No.: 28A784-50410-1
42x24 cm, 3850 g
The enchanting artwork "Vase chinoiserie after Höroldt", limited edition, shows a landscape with pagodas. The impressive design makes it a wonderful part of your interior design. Each of the three plates on the front and back of the vase, showing figurative scenes or landscapes with pagodas, inspires the imagination to a little journey through time. The motifs for this were provided by the famous "Schulz Codex", one of the most extensive historical collections of patterns, whose treasure MEISSEN® has guarded for over 250 years. Cobalt blue shines from the depths of the glaze and lends a special intensity to the images captured on the porcelain with the finest brushstrokes. An impressive interior design. Floral ornaments, lovingly hand-painted, surround the bulbous central part of the work of art 's. Frames and flower tendrils of high quality gold connect the enchanting scenes. Limited to 25 pieces. The vase is a masterful work of art for your interior design, hand-painted and limited.
Limitation: 25
Height: 42 cm
Width: 24 cm
Depth: 24 cm
Weight: 3850 g