Limited Masterworks 2016 Vessel Chinoiseries

Order No.: 285684-52190-1
29x30 cm, 2040 g
The picture-perfect "Vessel Chinoiserie", limited edition, was created around 1735 for a sumptuous courtly table. Women's heads can be found on the handles of the enchanting work of art 's. Hand-painted in detail with a small landscape painting and rich chinoiseries from the "Schulz-Codex", one of the most extensive collections of patterns from the Höroldt era at MEISSEN®, a mystical impression is created. Dragons, as creatures of the fantasy world, decorate the lid of the work of art 's. A rich gold finish frames the highly artistic design, hand-painted, in which every fiber of the palm trunk and every fold of the robes can be seen. Limited to 25 pieces.
Limitation: 25
Height: 29 cm
Width: 30 cm
Depth: 20 cm
Weight: 2040 g