Limited Masterworks 2017 Snuff Box Figure Painting

Order No.: 270884-52382-1
7x11 cm, 210 g
The "snuff Box Figurine Painting" by Christoph Trommer shows symbolic figures that are freely painted on the box lids with the finest brush strokes, detached from the scenic surroundings: The roses lie in the lap of a woman who is still single and in search of great love. The wine-encrusted staff of the man stands for pleasure, the pilgrim's staff of the second woman for reflection on herself and the officer symbolises power and honour. They are surrounded by a rich gold decoration. The lower part of the box is decorated with typical Indian painting. Limited to 75 pieces.
Limitation: 75
Height: 7 cm
Width: 11 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Weight: 210 g