Limited Masterworks Vase, Woodland Whisperings

Order No.: 26A384-50440-1
44x21 cm, 3315 g
A squirrel hops from tree to tree, constantly looking out for ripe hazelnuts. The tiny blue tit is similarly foraging for food, for both itself and its brood. Two robins get close on the floor of the woods, whilst a common firecrest sits waiting for insects to snap up in the brambles. These are the exhilarating kinds of scene porcelain painter Simone Wustlich witnesses during lengthy outings with her dog or horse and which inspired her to paint such marvellous nature studies. The vase's shape was originated by Ludwig Zepner. He created a series of vases in the 1970s, amongst them the present heart-shaped vase.
Designer / Artist: ludwig zepner
Year of Creation: 2022
Limitation: 15
Height: 44 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 27 cm
Weight: 3315 g