Limited Masterworks Scalloped Dish, Floral Flourish

Order No.: 256784-54622-1
9 cm, 2100 g
Of the many contenders for the title of "queen of flowers", the peony, which materialises in the most diverse shapes and colours each spring, is surely on the short-list. Blooms heralding the coming of spring in powdery shades of red, pink and white are scattered about the dish as if at random by porcelain painter Michaela Hummitzsch. This dish is an example of supreme craftsmanship and quality from the hands of Bärbel Thoelke, a freelance porcelain artist many of whose creations are very poetical in nature.
Designer / Artist: bärbel thoelke
Year of Creation: 2022
Limitation: 15
Height: 9 cm
Diameter: 41 cm
Weight: 2100 g