Limited Masterworks 2019 Déjeuner with Stylised Berries

Order No.: 248484-C5328-1
2570 g
This dejeuner from 1770-1780 is an excellent example of Meissen's Neoclassical period. At this time, voluptuous Baroque shapes and colourful artwork gave way to a stricter style that is reflected here in the geometric designs and resolute symmetry as well as the decorative pattern in royal blue. All of this stands in contrast with decorative painting that this piece has been given for the "Limited Masterworks 2019" collection: detailed hand painting of insects and clusters of berries are natural motifs borrowed from Biedermeier that continue onto the blue segments as gold etchings, lending the service a natural liveliness. Through this interplay of design and artwork, the service combines two different stylistic periods from the manufactory's history to create a harmonious whole. For the reissue of the dejeuner, the large set was pared down to a café à deux.
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 15
Weight: 2570 g