Limited Masterworks 2016 Can Snowball Blossoms in Relief

Order No.: 238784-82386-1
7 cm, 330 g
The "Can Snowball Blossom in Relief" goes back to Johann Joachim Kaendler. He created the famous "snowball blossom decoration" in 1739 for a service that King August III gave to his wife Maria Josepha. Countless sculptured white flowers cover each part. The shape, relief and colourful decoration of the snowball blossoms combine to create a fascinating naturalness. Sometimes the small white chalices merge with the shape, sometimes they overlap irregularly. With gentle strokes of the brush, it is possible to emphasize the sculptural naturalness even more. Limited to 75 pieces.
Limitation: 75
Height: 7 cm
Diameter: 10 cm
Weight: 330 g