Limited Edition 2018 Dish Pure Harmony

Order No.: 237874-54621-1
5x17 cm, 280 g
The bowl "Pure Harmony" with a diameter of 17cm impresses with its white flowers on a deep black base, which is reminiscent of the finest Japanese lacquer painting. A swan flower unfolds on the bowl. The flowers from Meissen porcelain shimmer through the painting with all naturalness. The bowl is part of the Limited Edition 2018. The "Pure Harmony" collection includes also a matching vase with the representation of a honeysuckle. The artist Katrin Getzlaff deliberately chose the motifs: European flowers with Asian charm. They make an elegant gift, also for Christmas, with Japanese grace. Painting technique and composition require a lot of talent, the highest level of craftsmanship and years of experience, so that the bright flowers shine in their bright colour ough the dark sourface.
Limitation: 100
Height: 5 cm
Width: 17 cm
Depth: 17 cm
Diameter: 17 cm
Weight: 280 g