Limited Edition 2019 Double Cup-and-Saucer Set: Tulips wit Golden Leaves

Order No.: 22A074-C5530-1
780 g
The limited edition cup set "Tulips with golden leaves" goes back to designs by Ernst August Leuteritz from the years 1850 to 1860. Elaborate reliefs of 23-karat gold cover the cups and saucers, making this work of art completely in keeping with the spirit of the time. One of the cups in the "Tulips with Golden Leaves" set is decorated with a golden flower relief amidst acanthus curves. The second cup shows detailed tulip paintings in different color mood and pose along with golden leaves in the spaces between the relief. The tulips are hand painted onto the porcelain with fine brush strokes. The 23-karat gold decoration combines matte and bright gold elements that add subtle sophistication to the exuberance.

The set of cups is limited to 100 pieces, yet each one is a hand-painted little work of art in its own right.
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 100
Weight: 780 g