Tree decoration, bisque Ball with relief motiv, Singer

Order No.: 001001-55M29-1
8 cm, 55 g
The tree decoration "Singer Ball Bisque with Relief" is made of Meissen bisque porcelain, which in its velvety matte form, offers an attractive counterpart to glazed porcelain. This unique material was developed in the 18th century as an alternative to ivory, alabaster and marble. In its slight transparency, the bisque porcelain seems to virtually capture the light and is therefore ideally suited for elaborate relief decorations on the radiant white Meissen porcelain. The filigree relief of the bauble depicts three young Star singers, who walk from house to house to enchant their residents with Christmas songs. They are surrounded by a sea of stars, which opens up on the other side of the bauble to reveal a festively decorated Christmas tree. The tree decoration "Singer Ball Bisque with Relief" is an ideal gift.
Decor: bisque
Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 7 cm
Weight: 55 g