Exclusive Collection Large Sculpture Heron with Fish

Order No.: 000080-76M08-1
63x46 cm, 22500 g
The 63 cm high large sculpture "Heron with fish" from the Meissen exclusive collection comes from Meissen master modeler Johann Joachim Kaendler. The plastic made of white Meissen porcelain was one of the first animals that the manufacturer created in the 18th century on behalf of its founder August the Strong as a large sculpture. With the large sculptures, Johann Joachim Kaendler and the manufacturers broke new ground and presented the Meissen manufactory with unexpected technological challenges. To this day, MEISSEN is the only manufacturer that creates such large porcelain sculptures in incomparable craftsmanship and is therefore unsurpassed in its realism and accuracy of shape in these dimensions.
Designer / Artist: johann joachim kaendler
Year of Creation: 1731
Limitation: 3
Height: 63 cm
Width: 46 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Weight: 22500 g