Tree Decoration Boettger Stoneware Christmas Star

Order No.: 000004-98D44-1
5x4 cm, 12 g
Fashioned in the style of traditional Christmas ornaments, this Christmas star is crafted piece by piece from Böttger stoneware. Before the invention of white hard-paste porcelain, this seasoned material was the first and for many years only clay used at MEISSEN. Both then and now, it is the expressiveness, surface feel, and earthen warmth of that original stoneware that captivates its admirers. It is this material quality that is festively featured in the detailed, snowflake-inspired relief. The prominent placement of Meissen's Crossed Swords signet attests to the manufactory's unsurpassed craftsmanship.
Decor: boettger stoneware
Height: 5 cm
Width: 4 cm
Weight: 12 g