Easter Medal

Order No.: 000003-98D29-1
0,5 cm, 12 g
The Meissen manufactory looks back on a long tradition of fashioning coveted collectable medals out of exquisite Meissen porcelain. When it comes to the design of these detailed reliefs, expert craftsmanship plays just as crucial a role as the selection of the decorative motif that is artfully captured and immortalised in each and every medal. For this Easter medal, MEISSEN draws inspiration from the traditional symbols of springtime - three chicks and snowdrops - to create a small good luck charm out of exquisite porcelain. A variety of colourful ribbons can be looped through the hole at the top of the medal so it can be used as a tasteful addition to your Easter décor.
Decor: white
Height: 0,5 cm
Diameter: 3.6 cm
Weight: 12 g