Waves Relief Beaker Set, 2-pcs.

Order No.: 000001-C5507-1
435 g
Like the rippled surface of the sea, the wave reliefs enliven the surface of the Beaker-Set of the form "Waves Relief". The form "Waves" was created in collaboration with the Meissen artist Sabine Wachs. She took the pointed curves of classic service designs and reinterpreted them. Wachs counters the strict symmetry of historic designs with a vivacious dynamic. The grooves of the Beaker-Set "Waves Relief" comes from Jörg Danielczyk, who found inspiration during a morning fishing trip. The rich detail and precision of the reliefs highlight the plasticity and unsurpassed quality of Meissen porcelain. The Beaker-Set convinces by its vivacious dynamics and its brilliant shine. MEISSEN- a very special gift.
Decor: waves relief
Designer / Artist: sabine wachs
Year of Creation: 1994-1996
Weight: 435 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes
Suitable for Microwaves: yes