N°41 Waves Relief Starter Set, 12-Pcs.

Order No.: 000001-C2944-1
4400 g
The "N°41 Waves Relief Starter Set, 12-pcs." for 2 people combines contemporary design with one of Meissen's most popular decors, making it an excellent gift. With "N°41 Waves Relief", the straight lines of the "N°41" shape are combined with the relief of the popular "Waves" dinner service to create a completely new look. "N°41" provides an ideal stage for the presentation of extraordinary decors.

The two bread plates, two starter and dessert plates, two soup plates, two dinner plates and the two coffee cups with saucers are distinguished by their very special feel, because the "Waves Relief" covers the surface of the Meissen porcelain like a sea formed by the wind. The "N°41 Waves Relief Starter Set, 12-pcs." is an expression of the perfection in craftsmanship that has always been the hallmark of MEISSEN.
Decor: waves relief
Year of Creation: 2021
Weight: 4400 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes
Suitable for Microwaves: yes