Waves Relief Starter Set

Order No.: 000001-C2942-1
4800 g
Under the creative direction of Sabine Wachs, the "Waves Service" made of Meissen porcelain is presented in 1996. The new shape incorporates elements typical for the Meissen manufactory, such as the ring-shaped handles and involves them in a dynamic design corresponding to the zeitgeist. The waves not only influence the sweeping contours of the Meissen porcelains, but also their surfaces in the relief variant. The inspiration for the detailed relief pattern came to Meissen sculptor Jörg Danielczyk during a calm fishing trip. Like the sea rippled by winds, the wave relief gently washes around the individual pieces of the "Waves Relief" Starter Set and thus underlines the high quality of the radiant white Meissen porcelain. The 12-piece "Waves Relief" Starter Set contains the basics of its great origin service in duplicate. Perfectly suited for two people, it makes an ideal tableware for a dinner in romantic company.
Decor: waves relief
Designer / Artist: sabine wachs
Year of Creation: 1994-1996
Weight: 4800 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes
Suitable for Microwaves: yes