Tree Decoration Fir Cone

Order No.: 000001-83M26-1
8 cm, 37 g
The tree decoration "Fir Cone" is inspired by classic Christmas ornaments and thus combines traditional festive culture with contemporary design in brilliant white Meissen porcelain. Each "Fir Cone" is individually cast and glazed, which creates the iconic glow of the famous white Meissen porcelain. A wonderful gift for Christmas, which sparks shared joy when decorating the tree together. In a festively decorated room, the detailed relief of the tree decoration "Fir Cone" captures candlelight and lighting and reflects it in an impressive way. Especially in front of the deep green of the Christmas tree, Meissen's "Fir Cone" sets brilliant accents that create a festive atmosphere. At the same time, however, the ornament also enchants as room or window decoration.
Decor: white
Year of Creation: 2018
Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 3.2 cm
Weight: 37 g