Single Figurine Pair of Cats

Order No.: 000001-78837-1
4x11 cm, 130 g
The single figurine "Pair of Cats" was designed in 1917 by the Saxon sculptor and porcelain modeller Erich Hösel and shows two young cats cuddling lovingly while sleeping. The "Pair of Cats" is part of the lively and varied world of figurines produced by the manufactory, which has been enjoying great popularity since its foundation by Augustus the Strong in 1710. It is a special honour for the Meissen modellers to take up this historical tradition and revive it in the single figurine "Pair of Cats". Instead of painting them true to life, the sleeping cats shine in the brilliant white of the Meissen porcelain, thus combining traditional artisanship with a reduced modern design. A wonderfully thoughtful gift for Christmas.
Decor: white
Designer / Artist: erich hösel
Year of Creation: 1917
Height: 4 cm
Width: 11 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Weight: 130 g